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Touch Controllers

Touch Controllers
The TouchScreen Controllers represent a significant advance in touch screen technology. They provide the outstanding touch performance, ease of use, and economical and high performance for various touch applications. Their compact design makes easy integration into flat panel displays and mobile devices.

The controller - essentially the brain of the touch system - contains a microprocessor, analog-to-digital converters, and microchips to enable communication with the host PC. The controller powers the touchscreen, controls the excitation, and interprets the information received from the touchscreen. The controller filters the returning touchscreen data and converts it into raw touch coordinates, which are then sent to the PC by a digital software protocol.

The driver software, residing on the host PC, is required to manage the raw coordinate data coming from the controller, apply calibration algorithms, position the mouse cursor, and generate mouse clicks. Other important tasks include routines to define the video alignment parameters, and screening of incoming touch data for errors, inconsistencies, and integrity. The touch panel driver emulates mouse left and right button function.
4-Wire Resistive
5-Wire Resistive

4-Wire TouchScreen HID USB Controller SLT-4W-HID 4-Wire TouchScreen HID USB Controller $27.00 2 1 Buy Now
4-Wire TouchScreen USB Controller SLT-TP05-USBB 4-Wire TouchScreen USB Controller $26.00 15 1 Buy Now
4-Wire TouchScreen USB Controller SLT-TP05-USB 4-Wire TouchScreen USB Controller $27.00 39 1 Buy Now
4-Wire TouchScreen RS232 Controller SLT-TP05-RS232 4-Wire TouchScreen RS232 Controller $29.20 73 1 Buy Now
4-Wire TouchScreen RS232 Controller SLT-TP05-RS232N 4-Wire TouchScreen RS232 Controller $29.20 143 1 Buy Now
5-Wire TouchScreen USB Controller TP05-5W-USB 5-Wire TouchScreen USB Controller $39.40 62 1 Buy Now
5-Wire TouchScreen RS232 Controller SLT-TP05-RS232N-5W 5-Wire TouchScreen RS232 Controller $42.00 7 1 Buy Now

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