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4.7" 4-Wire Resistive Touch Screen

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4-Wire Resistive Touch Panel for 4.7" LCD monitors.

Perfectly fits the Kyocera Display (Optrex) F-51854GNFJ-SLW-ABN LCD case. The superior film on glass construction offers the very best light transmission reliability and durability.

  • Proven Resistive Technology
  • Simplicity of Interface Electronics
  • Durable Plastic Construction
  • Less Susceptible to Accidental Touch
  • Ability to use Finger or Stylus to Activate Touchscreen
  • High Linear Analog Output

Resistive touchscreens deliver cost-effective, consistent and durable performance in environments where equipment must stand up to contaminants and liquids, such as in restaurants, factories, and hospitals. Disadvantages of resistive touchscreens include only 75% optical transparency and the fact that a sharp object can damage the resistive layers.

  • Touch Screen: 4-Wire Analog Resistive
  • Diagonal Size: 4.7"
  • Overall Outline Dimensions (WxHxD mm): 112.0 ± 0.3 x 90.0 ± 0.3 x 1.4 ± 0.2
  • Viewing Area (WxH mm): 104.0 x 81.0
  • Active Area (WxH mm): 100.0 x 77.0
  • Spacer (mm): 0.1
  • Dot Pitch (WxH mm): 3.0 x 3.0
  • Glass: ITO Glass, 1.1 mm
  • PET (ITO Film) Front Surface: Clear Hard-coating, Anti-glare, Anti-Newton ring ITO Film, 188 um
  • Connector: FPC, 4-Pin, 1.00 mm pitch
  • Optical Specifications:
    • Film type: Anti-glare, Anti-reflective
    • EM/RFI Shielding
    • Contrast Enhancement Filter (CEF) and/or Circular Polarizer
    • Glass, Acrylic or Polycarbonate Backer
    • Light Transmission: 83 ± 5% at 550nm wave length
  • Electrical Specifications:
    • Operation Voltage: 5V DC, 1mA
    • Insulation Impedance: 10MΩ or more @ 25V(DC)
    • Linearity: 98.5% (bias less than 1.5%)
    • Chattering Time: 30 msec or less
  • Mechanical Specifications:
    • Input Method: finger, pen or gloved hand
    • Touch Activation Force: 40 grams or less with Æ 2mm Manuscript pen
    • Surface Hardness: 3H (Pencil Test) & Hard Coated ITO PET
  • Reliability:
    • Operation Environment: -20° C ~ 70° C
    • Storage Temperature: -30° C ~ 80° C
    • Humidity: 60° C, 90% RH 120 HR
    • Touch Durability: 5 Million touches in a single location
    • Surface scratch: 500K (250g, 60mm/s)
    • Surface pitting: 10M (250g at 2 times/s)
    • NEMA 4 Capable
    • Warranty: 1 year

Recommended Hardware (sold separately):

* If purchased together with 4-Wire TouchScreen Controller, SLT-TP05-USB or SLT-TP05-RS232 or SLT-TP05-RS232N, comes with 1.00 mm to 2.54 mm 4-Wire Adapter Cable - P/N: TXC-4W-1.0.

Recommended Connectors:

Part No.
Drawing (PDF)
Molex FFC/FPC Connector 52089 Series Molex Part #
1.00 mm (0.039 in) FFC/FPC Connector, Through-Hole, Right Angle, Low Profile, ZIF, Top Contact Style Receptacle, 4 Circuits, Lead-free View
Molex FFC/FPC Connector 52043 Series Molex Part #
1.00 mm (0.039 in)

FFC/FPC Connector, Through-Hole, Right Angle, ZIF, Bottom Contact Style Receptacle, 4 Circuits, Lead-free

Molex FFC/FPC Connector 52207 Series Molex Part #
1.00 mm (0.039 in)

FFC/FPC Connector, SMT, Right Angle, ZIF, Top Contact Style Receptacle, 4 Circuits, Lead-free


Offering excellent durability and resolution, resistive technology is used in a variety of applications and environments. Resistive touchscreens consist of a glass panel with a coating of uniform resistivity, plus a polyester cover sheet which is tightly suspended from the top of the glass and separated from it by small, transparent insulating dots. The cover sheet has a hard, durable coating on the outer side, and a conductive coating on the inner side. When touched, the conductive coating makes electrical contact with the coating on the glass, and a touch is registered by the analog controller.

Benefits of Touchscreen technology:
  • Touchscreens enable first-time users to interface with computers instantly, without any operator training whatsoever
  • Touchscreens virtually eliminate operator errors because users make selections from clearly defined menus
  • Touchscreens eliminate keyboards and mice, which many novice users find intimidating and cumbersome to use
  • Touchscreens are rugged enough to stand up to harsh environments where keyboards and mice can become damaged
  • Touchscreens provide fast access to all types of digital content
  • Touchscreens ensure that no space is wasted because the input device is completely integrated into the monitor.

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